Dongguan DE spinning and dyeing auxiliaries co., LTD. Is a collection of research, development, production, trade as one of the diversified enterprise. In production, marketing, management of surfactant, textile auxiliaries and organic silicon series as the main business.
    At the beginning of the company since the establishment will be "quality service, the pursuit of perfection, the user first, quality first" as the business philosophy and corporate purposes, has always been committed to provide quality products and services. After years of accumulation and development, and continuously explore in the field of professional, has now become a certain scale of surfactant, textile auxiliaries, and organic silicon products professional production enterprises. Main wet fastness to enhance agent, dry and wet rubbing fastness enhance agent, the wet rubbing fastness to enhance agent, antistatic agent, fire prevention agent, wood fire retardant, flame retardant fire ?


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    Huiya  Mr Liang USA POPE  Manager Xing
    Huia also useless, spinning and dyeing auxiliaries, the dosage of 15 tons/month, with the German after spinning and dyeing auxiliaries, quantity less 3 tons per month, inhibit effect is very good, saved 20% of the purchasing cost for us. Domestic high-profile defoaming agent manufacturers to reach satisfactory results, until you find DE spinning and dyeing auxiliaries, solved the difficult problem of the headache for me.
    Liwen  Mr Zhou Hengfeng  Mr Li
    In order to prevent the antifoaming agent is overmuch, DE spinning and dyeing auxiliaries, also sent 5 sets of metering pump to our company, the success of the defoaming agent dosage control in the hands of spinning printing I was joined last year's spinning and dyeing auxiliaries, the spinning and dyeing auxiliaries provide a lot of support, I used to sell is small materials, due to the spinning and dyeing auxiliaries are of good quality, is selling a product has a good reputation